Advantages Of Wool Socks Over Cotton Socks

July 03, 2018

Advantages Of Wool Socks Over Cotton Socks

Most of the time when you are outside and want a pair of socks that can easily handle all order of nature like sweat etc. the best thing that you go for is wool socks. If you are into some adventure or sport you need socks that can bear all amount of wear and tear without affecting your comfort, for that you have to be more particular about what you are buying because if your feet are wretched your whole body is wretched.

Here you will find some best advantages of wool socks over Pima cotton socks that will help you chose the better option for you.

Insulation: As we know that when cotton is wet it can easily lose its filling. Due to this, your feet can simply be exposed to various bacteria’s that are not good for your feet, no matter what kind of shoes you have. That is why many people prefer wool socks over Pima cotton socks. Wool socks help to keep heat close to your skin because of wool fiber tuck together than that of cotton fiber.

Dry:  We mostly think that cotton gets dry easily but you may not be aware of this fact that cotton absorbs liquid and can stop with sweat. On the other hand, wool can simply maintain its weight before your feet feel wet. The best feature of wool is that it can easily absorb moisture apart from soaking it up.

Maintenance: The best part of wool is that it is antibacterial and it can easily defy odors and you don’t have to wash it after every use. So if you are planning some hiking trips then wool socks are a perfect choice. For the maintenance of wool socks, it can easily be washed by hands without any harsh soap.

So if you are setting up for some adventures trip then you can go for wool socks as they are best for such purposes. On the other hand, Pima Cotton socks go well if you are going to wear them for daily purposes. These days you can easily find a variety of socks in the online market and one of such place is Heshiwear. Here you can find a number of designs and fabric of socks at reasonable prices that fit all your requirements.