Things to remember when wearing fashion socks

September 19, 2018

Out of many accessories that we are using in day to day life for adding some more grace in out outfits are socks. But it is also true that we don’t know much about this vital accessory, for us socks are just socks used to keep our feet warm. But it’s not true just like other fashion trends that are emerging day to day same are with the fashion socks. Socks fill an important void both in our personality as well as in our wardrobes. There are many variations of designer socks available in the market, as the time changes people change their conception about socks. Apart from that, there are many things that you must know before wearing your socks with the outfits.

White Socks don’t help always: White socks are designed for sporting and physical activities like gym etc. they are basically called sports socks. We have seen many people wearing white socks with their routine outfits apart from sports one. So you should avoid wearing these sports socks with your formal or casual outfits.

Use of Dress Shoes: It is also commonly seen that people like to wear any socks with the dress shoes. Dress shoes are meant only for the dress socks. Even you can’t wear black with business shoes.

Colour Coordination is necessary:  This is the most basic and important rule that to match your socks with your outfits and not with your shoes. It applies when you’re sitting and your designer socks are exposed at that time if you have a solid line of colour from your pant that adds a certain grace to your personality.

Avoid rolling or folding of socks: It is also seen that most men roll their socks around their ankles or sometimes the elasticity of socks are gone. It looks like a small kid in school uniform. It adds unnecessary bulk around your ankle by folding up your socks. Make sure to wear your designer socks pulled straight up.

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