What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping With Heel Toe Socks?

January 12, 2022

Let’s face it, we have all been there – in the middle of the winter night, a freezing bed and feet as cold as ice. We throw a pair of socks to simply protect yourself from cold. However, we can’t even think of wearing socks while sleeping the right of the year.

But what if we say that sleeping with socks on everyday has loads of benefits? Would you believe us? If you don’t believe it, you can checkout the following surprisingly proven benefits of sleeping with heel toe socks on.

Why Wear Heel Toe Socks To Bed?

Setting a perfect temperature of the room is just one part of the equation for better sleep. With an increased production of melatonin near the end of the day, helps us to prepare for sleep. Wearing a pair of socks to bed helps in increasing the blood flow to your feet and hands which in turn reduces core body temperature.

According to research, it is proven that warm feet with socks on helps to overall quality of the sleep and makes your feel healthy, happy and energetic.

Benefits Of Sleeping With Socks On –

There are plenty of benefits with just this simple habit of wearing heel toe socks regularly at night. Some of these benefits include body temperature regulation, fall asleep faster and even fulfills sex life. Let’s learn deeply about these benefits –

  • Help fall asleep faster than any other way.

Low body temperature leads to sleeplessness. However, the evidence has suggested that wearing heel toe socks lowers the core temperature of your which in turns make your sleep fast.

  • It helps in improving several sleep disorders

Wearing heel toe sock to bed might not assist you in treating every sleep disorder. However, according to research warm feet reduces the symptoms of insomnia. Warming feet 20 minutes before going to bed can reduce insomnia as well as fatigue.

  • Prevents cracked feet

Night time is the best time to pamper yourself. Before you go to bed make sure to wash your feet, apply a layer of healing cream or oil, then finally cover them with heel toe socks. This 5-min everyday routine will help you get moisturized and soft feet. Make sure to use fresh pair of socks every day.

  • Increases sexual desires

Believe it or not, but it is proven that sleeping with socks on help in boosting sex life. 80% of couples who sleep with their socks achieve orgasm, compared to 50% of the couples who sleep without socks. According to research, increased blood flow and skin temperature help people achieve orgasm from sex.

  • Prevents Menopausal hot flashes

Increased core body temperature induces menopausal hot flashes in women. However, there are other factors that affect hot flashes such as hormonal level. Wearing heel toe socks decreases the core body temperature which ultimately helps in avoiding midnight hot flashes.

Summing Up:

Hopefully, now you believe us! We would recommend you to at least try this simple hack for a month to notice its benefits. In case you are looking the best and most affordable pair of heel toe socks, you must check Heshi Wear.