Guidelines About How To Pair Your Socks

November 16, 2017

Guidelines About How To Pair Your Socks

Socks are very often not a top priority for our wardrobe. This is argubly a ginat fashion and comfort mistake. Figuring out for correct socks may not be the priorities in the morning, but by the end of the work day, you are often wishing you thought more about your feet.We tend to overlook the importance of a sock because it is an accessory which is often hidden by our shoe, and rarely shows when we sit. But somehow this shaded accessory can compliment and enhance our projected personality in a big way.

Here are basic guidelines for choosing a best pair of socks with your outfit.

  • Try not to pair a thin dress socks with sports shoes. The materials of these socks are too thin and often have no cushioning in the feet. Add a lack of arch support and they won’t give enough protection to your feet. Find dress socks should offer arch support, cushion nd a strong construction to stay up.
  • Match your socks colors to compliment the primary colors of your outfit.
  • Get rid of socks with holes or those that lost their elasticity.
  • Make sure that the fabric of socks can easily absorb all sweat and can cushion your feet easily. PIMA cotton and antimicrobial aspects to the sock can solve this problem.
  • Basic Black, Navy and Grey are the colors that go with most outfits, so try to have extra pair of thes basic sock colors in your closet.

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Apart from the above guidelines, let’s have a look at a very important type of mens sock that you have to be particular about while purchasing them.

Dress Socks: These types of socks often come in dark colors like black, navy, gray. You can wear these socks with formal outfits.

Textured Socks:These socks can easily provide you with better support and also keep your feet warm. They add a weight and compliment your outfit.

Statement Socks: These socks are designed for the person who is comfortable wearing bright colors and want a bit of funky pop in their life.

Ankle Socks: You can wear these socks everyday with anything as they won’t come out of your shoes.

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