How to make your designer socks last longer

November 30, 2017

How to make your designer socks last longer

Our mission at Heshi socks is to create the most comfortable, protective mens socks for our feet. Here arethe ways to make your designer socks last longer and useful tips in order to keep your fashion socks soft and bright.

Washing Socks:The best way to wash the pair of fashion socksis with cold water - hang dry- don’t squeeze, as it loosen the elastic. Make sure not to dry them under the sun, as it can damage the yarns and fade the color. If you don’t have time for that, don’t worry, you can machine wash them on gentle cycle. Make sure you don’t bleach your colorful, funky socks and always use cold water.

Wearing:  Our designer mens socks are meant to worn with casual dresses, don’t wear them regularly with your  worn out sneakers because it can promote damage. Holes can also be prevented if you keep your toe nails trimmed.

Storing: If you are more particular about summer and winter wardrobe, then make sure to store your fashion designer mens socks in such a way that they won’t get damage by any insects. Try to deter these bugs with cedar wood blocks and lavender scents in your closet or drawers. Another tip for storing your fashion socks to lay your cushioned socks flat in order to retain their shape.

These are the simplest ways to keep your PIMA cotton socks in safe hands because socks are an essential element in your outfit. If you are searching for mens socks that look fabulous with your outfits then you must visit We construct the mens dress socks in such a way that they seamlessly go with your dress shoes or sneakers.

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