What Your Socks Say About You

November 01, 2017

What Your Socks Say About You

You might not be aware of this, but apart from keeping your toes warm and preventing your shoes from rubbing; your socks can inform the public many aspects of your personality. Starange but true, it’s a prevailing insight into what kind of person you are. Here we’ll help you to get to know some key points so that you can remember what socks to slip into.

Presentation:You have to be clear about the presentation of your socks e.g. a hole in the sock is the end of a beautiful relationship. We mostly focus on our outfits apart from socks, we completely ignore them sometimes. It is wiseto avoid them as they can be the biggest hazard in your wardrobe.

Cleanliness: It is understandable that socks should be clean without any smell and get washed regularly. It is an important part of your outfit because if your socks are dirty and smelly no one will entertain you seriously. So make a habit of changing them every day and carry a spare pair in case of any emergency.

Height: It is quite awkward when your socks roll down to the ankle and prancearound. It is most common that people still wear the socks with loose elastics. Some people believe that if they wear some kind of funky socks and they look cool in them they can get away with them falling down all day. However, the coolness wears when the cheap elastic does.

Storage:This is something of most importantance. Almost all of us improperly store our socks in our wardrobes.Think about how it looks when you are going for an interview and suddenly you realise that you are wearing different socks?!? In order to avoid this humiliation try to sort out your wardrobe and fold your socks properly.

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